Young Scholar Outreach Program

All of us in academia are keenly aware that doctoral graduate students and untenured faculty face mounting pressure to publish in refereed journals. Many times, new scholars may not know which journals are appropriate outlets for their research or how to best prepare an article to maximize the opportunity to get favorable reviews and ultimately be published. State and Local Government Review (State and Local) can be of invaluable assistance to newer scholars like you by providing editorial consultations prior to submitting an article and a supportive review environment.

If you have a topic that you believe may be appropriate for our journal, the Editor will be happy to review an abstract or article proposal and let you know if it would be appropriate in terms of subject and scope for the journal. The Editor will also provide recommendations regarding changes that can be made that would make the manuscript more appropriate for State and Local’s readers.

Furthermore, if you have a manuscript already prepared, the Editor will be happy to review and provide recommendations of changes that would improve the chances that it would receive a favorable review. If you decide to submit to the journal, your manuscript (as are all manuscripts) will be double-blind reviewed by a panel of experts who will make a recommendation regarding publication as well as revisions that may be needed before the manuscript might be suitable for publication.

State and Local views the Junior Scholars Program as an augmentation of a program that the ASPA Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM) has sponsored for a number of years (Junior Stone Award) and is designed to encourage and recognize scholarship of young scholars in the fields of state and local government and intergovernmental relations/ federalism. Authors both nominated for this award and winners of the award are encouraged to contact the Editor about submitting their papers for review by the journal. State and Local, therefore, is prepared and committed to helping new scholars.

If you have any questions, you can contact State and Local Government Review Editor, Dr. Michael Scicchitano, by phone at (352) 846-2874 or e-mail ( or Managing Editor, Dr. J. Edwin Benton, by phone at (813) 978-9513 or e-mail (

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