Publishing: The Young Scholar Outreach Program

Our first blog in this special series on publishing is from the SLGR Editor, Michael J. Scicchitano. He tells us more about the Young Scholar Outreach Program and how you can participate.

In today’s competitive job market, refereed publications are imperative for doctoral students and new faculty seeking job placements or faculty advancement in the academic world.  Many “young scholars,” however, are uncertain about how to get published in academic journals. They may not know how to best prepare an article for publication or the journals that would be the most appropriate outlets for their research.

As Editor of State and Local Government Review (SLGR), I fully understand the pressure and frustration that young scholars face in their efforts to get their research published.  As such, I am committed to assisting new university faculty and advanced graduate students in publishing in academia and fostering a productive research agenda.  I launched the Young Scholar Outreach Program to make my years of experience as an editor available to young scholars, providing consultation and guidance in support of their efforts to get published in SLGR—or in other journals.

Participation in the program is simple.  For young scholars who are conducting research on topics related to public administration and policy, I am happy to review an abstract, article proposal or a draft version of a manuscript and quickly provide feedback on its suitability for publication in SLGR.  Completed manuscripts can be entered into the SLGR system and designated as a “Young Scholar” submission.  These submissions then receive an initial review from two or three senior scholars. The senior scholars provide detailed recommendations for improving the manuscript.  These senior scholars also provide me with their thoughts regarding the potential for the research to eventually be suitable for publication in SLGR.

Young Scholars who successfully revise their manuscripts may then have their research receive a full double-blind peer review by a panel of experts who make recommendations regarding publication as well as any additional revisions that may be needed before the manuscript is suitable for final publication. Even if the manuscript is not accepted for publication after the review process, the author will receive excellent recommendations regarding how to best revise the research.

The SLGR Young Scholar Outreach Program has attracted substantial interest from doctoral students and new faculty.  We regularly receive inquiries about the program as well as manuscripts to consider for publication. SLGR has been able to review some excellent research and some of these manuscripts have already been accepted for publication in SLGR (one of whom you’ll hear from later in this blog series).

Whether or not their research is eventually published in SLGR, the Young Scholars who participate in the program have expressed sincere appreciation for the opportunity to receive recommendations to improve their research.  Moreover, several of the senior scholars who review the Young Scholars manuscripts have noted the importance of the Young Scholars program and appreciate the opportunity to “give back” something to help newer members of the profession.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the program, please email me at  I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your research.


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