In the News: Local Governments in Colorado on Adopting Recreational Marijuana Policies

Tracy Johns’s SLGR article “Managing a Policy Experiment: Adopting and Implementing Recreational Marijuana Policies in Colorado,” available now on the SLGR site, is the subject of a blog post by the London School of Economics and Political Science.   The abstract appears below:

The unique nature of recreational marijuana policy makes for a compelling study in the policy adoption and implementation process. As a local control state, Colorado cities, municipalities, and counties may choose whether or not to adopt marijuana legalization policies in their jurisdictions and how to do so. This research is based on survey and panel data from Colorado local officials regarding issues of adoption and implementation in their jurisdictions. Overall, the initial findings show that the decision regarding adoption was a result of a combination of policy determinants (both cultural and economic) and policy diffusion (from prior policies on medical marijuana). Factors related to public opinion, economics, and prior policy on medical marijuana affected both the decision to permit and the decision to prohibit. Policy diffusion also appears important in early implementation, as cities use the existing medical marijuana policies to shape recreational marijuana policies.

We invite you to read the article and the blog and share your thoughts with us. The author is glad to answer questions.

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