In the News: State Policy Environments & Interest Group Advocacy

Kathleen Marchetti’s SLGR article “Consider the Context: How State Policy Environments Shape Interest Group Advocacy,” available now as an “online first” option, is the subject of a blog post by the London School of Economics and Political Science.   The abstract appears below:

How are the disadvantaged represented in politics? Using an original survey of 204 advocacy groups in fourteen U.S. states, this research considers how state legislative and lobbying conditions shape interest groups’ representation of disadvantaged identities. Analysis shows that several aspects of state legislative environments affect the diversity of groups’ policy agendas, whereas aggregate measures of lobbying context have surprisingly little effect. These findings have important implications for scholars’ and practitioners’ understanding of the factors motivating advocacy on behalf of the disadvantaged and the broader role that interest organizations play in politics.

We invite you to read the article and the blog and share your thoughts with us.


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